News 2015 - August

Foreign Rehab Patients “Need Better Solution”

The problems faced by immigrants at the Vogur rehab center in Iceland need a wide-ranging response, according to addictions doctor Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir at the hospital. Many foreign nationals at the center can speak neither Icelandic nor English.

Alþingi, Iceland's parliament

Politicians Split Over Russia Sanctions

Icelandic politicians in the ruling coalition parties have varying views on the country’s continued support for European sanctions against Russia, and the split is not along party lines.

Lava flowing into Jökulsá á Fjöllum river

British Adventurers under Police Investigation

Two men from Scotland who are traveling Iceland for charity in a modified 4x4 are under investigation for the crime of off-road driving. They set off intending to drive up five Icelandic volcanoes this August.

Tributes Paid to Famous Jazz Guitarist

Guitarist Jón Páll Bjarnason passed away at his home on Sunday, at the age of 77. Jón Páll was among Iceland’s best guitarists and was one of the pioneers of jazz music in the country.

Humpback whale

Fin and Hump Up, Minke Down

The number of fin whales and humpback whales in the North Atlantic has increased, while the number of minke whales in inshore areas has gone down.