Bieber Leaves Employee Starstruck


Bieber Leaves Employee Starstruck

Justin Bieber Believe Tour October 2012

Justin Bieber, the Believe Tour in 2012. Photo: Joe Bielawa/Wikipedia.

Justin Bieber is in Iceland and doesn’t go unnoticed. His every move is being recorded. Following are some of the headlines from local media:

Bieber Ordered Turkey Sub. Employee Still in Shock (Vísir)

Bieber Used Public Toilet in Selfoss: Headed for Golden Circle (Vísir)

Bieber Thinks It’s Ice Cold in Iceland (

Justin Bieber in Iceland—He Came Across as a Calm Guy (

Caught Bieber Outside Toilet at Olís Gas Station in Selfoss (Vísir)

A closer look at the coverage reveals important details, such as the fact that the Subway sandwich was 12 inch long. Also, that two bodyguards, as tall as giants, prevented fans from taking pictures of Bieber in Reykjanesbær and Keflavík. Once in Selfoss, the rules had been relaxed and the gigantic bodyguards allowed some photos to be taken. More importantly, Bieber left the toilet seat at the public facility in Selfoss in an upward position, DV reports. The toilet was photographed by a number of people and shared on social media. Female fans have repeatedly called journalists to ask about Bieber’s location.

The Canadian singer arrived here in a private jet, coming from Greece, where he just finished the recording of a new album at Black Rock Studios to be released in November. He plans to be here until tomorrow on vacation to celebrate having completed the work. Then he’ll head for the US.

Bieber has 67.6 million followers on Twitter, so we’re not alone in our fascination.



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