Extreme Weather Advice


Extreme Weather Advice


Photo: Geir Ólafsson.

Due to the extreme weather forecast for today, Ring Road 1 from Markarfljót river to Breiðamerkurlón glacial lagoon in South Iceland, will be closed at noon. The mountain passes of Hellisheiði, Þrengsli and Mosfellsheiði in Southwest Iceland will most likely be closed at 4 pm, and other mountain pass closures will follow.

Residents in South Iceland are advised not to travel at all after 12 noon. Elsewhere in the country, including the capital area, people are advised to stay indoors after 5 pm.

The risk of avalanches is expected to rapidly increase, since considerable precipitation is forecast in the form of snow, especially in the north and east. In the south, precipitation will first be in the form of snow, but then change into rain or sleet, but snow is expected in elevated areas.

Easterly winds are forecast for today, but will turn south- and southwesterly tomorrow with sleet or rain.

Rescue workers remind people to:

bring any loose items indoors

make sure street drains are clear

beware of icicles which are likely to fall off roofs when it starts raining

avoid parking a car underneath icicles

keep matches, candles, flashlights and a battery-operated radio at hand, to be able to follow weather reports in case of power failure

The following websites provide information regarding weather (, road conditions ( and safe travel (



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