Bonfires Prepared for New Year’s Eve


Bonfires Prepared for New Year’s Eve

Bonfire New Year's Eve Reykjavík

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Annual bonfires are being prepared for New Year’s Eve around Iceland. The largest will be at Gufunes in Grafarvogur, Geirsnef by the mouth of Elliðaár river, Ægisíða in Vesturbær and Rauðavatn in Norðlingaholt. Bonfires will also be lit in other areas of the country.

The locations of the bonfires are as follows:

Central Reykjavík Area:

- Ægisíða, Vesturbær

- Skerjafjörður, facing Skildinganes 48 - 52

- Suðurhlíðar, below Fossvogur cemetry

- West of Laugarásvegur, near Valbjarnarvöllur stadium

Other areas of the capital and surrounding areas:

- Geirsnef, Grafarvogur

- Suðurfell, Breiðholt

- Rauðavatn, Norðingaholt

- Gufunes (near the old garbage dump), Grafarvogur

- Kléberg, Kjalarnes

- Úlfarsfell, above Lambhagavegur, Mosfellsbær

​- Ásvöllum, Haukar sports area, Hafnarfjörður

​- Smárahvammsvöllur, Kópavogur

- Gulaþing, Kópavogur

The bonfires will be lit at 8:30 pm tomorrow with the exception of the one at Úlfarsfell, which will be lit at 3 pm tomorrow and the one at Skerjafjörður, which will be lit at 9 pm tomorrow.

Only clean timber can be used.

In the capital region the bonfires are put out at around 2 am.

It’s a tradition for many families in Iceland to attend a bonfire on New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks show that follows.


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