News 2016 - January

Police car

More Revelations in Narcotics Division Case

The policeman, who was detained December 29 on suspicion of leaking information from the narcotics division to offenders, is suspected of having done so for years, possibly in exchange for payments.

fishermen at work

Foreign Minister Firm on Russia Sanctions

Icelandic Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson is determined not to withdraw his support for Western sanctions against Russia, despite losses suffered by the fishing industry after Russia imposed an import ban on food from Iceland in August.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Truck Driver in Intensive Care

The driver of the truck which landed off the road in Brattabrekka, east of Snæfellsnes, West Iceland, yesterday is in intensive care at Landspítali National University Hospital.

Another Arrest in Narcotics Division Case

Another man was arrested yesterday in connection with the case of the police officer from the narcotics division of the Greater Reykjavík Police who has been detained since December 29 on suspicion of a serious violation on the job.