News 2016 - March


Bank Criticized for Shady Assets Sale

Iceland´s FME financial regulator has released a statement which concludes that Landsbankinn’s conduct in selling its 31.2 percent stake in credit card company Borgun could not be considered in line with normal, healthy trading procedures in the financial market.

Alþingi parliament

Bank Crash Secrecy “Should be Lifted”

The parliamentary Progressive Party has voted to remove the 110-year secrecy period currently in place for all documentation regarding the resolution of the estates of the bankrupt Icelandic banks, from the 2008 crash to today. The Progressive Party MPs say they hope for a wider backing from...

Sigurður Ingi Johannsson.

“Difference” in Ministers’ Offshore Businesses

Ragnheiður Ríkharðsdóttir, parliamentary chairman of the Independence Party, says there is a difference in the position of the Prime Minister and the other two government ministers with connections to offshore companies. Independence Party MPs met last night to discuss the issue.