Can You Drive a Regular Car to Greenland?


Can You Drive a Regular Car to Greenland?

At Gullfoss, February 2016

Photo: Zoë Robert.

Tourists in Iceland often ask interesting questions. The most memorable ones are now being collected by Árni Tryggvason, a member of a Facebook group of people working in the Icelandic tourism industry. Árni asked members of the group to send in the most memorable questions they have received from tourists.

Some of the questions submitted are listed below:

What time do you turn on the northern lights?

How many slaves died building this? (asked in Almannagjá canyon).

(A question asked on Reynisfjara beach:) How high above sea level are were right now?

When do you celebrate Fourth of July?

Can you drive a regular car to Greenland, or do you need a 4x4?

Can you buy food on this island? (asked a worker on a cruise ship).

Why are sheep always three and three together?

How do I turn on the studded winter tires? Is there a button in the car for it?

Which US state does Iceland belong to?

How heavy is this mountain? (pointing at Hverfjall mountain).

Where do you work? (a question a travel guide was asked on the tenth day of a guided trip).

(After spending two days in the country:) OK, so Iceland is an island?

Can I see Greenland from here? (A valid question if asked in the West Fjords, but this one was asked at Þingvellir, in Southwest Iceland.)

Why do the sheep eat rocks?

What kind of penguins are these? (asked a tourist looking at eider ducks in Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon).

Can you arrange a whale watching tour on the Blue Lagoon?


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