Latest Election Results


Latest Election Results


Alþingishúsið, the Icelandic parliamentary building, hiding behind trees. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

When 79.2 percent of votes, or 195,200, have been counted in Iceland’s parliamentary election, the results appear to be as follows, according to RÚV:

The Independence Party: 29 percent or 21 MPs

The Left-Green Movement: 15.9 percent or 10 MPs

The Pirate Party: 14.5 percent or 10 MPs

The Progressive Party: 11.5 percent or 8 MPs

The Reform Party: 10.5 percent or 7 MPs

Bright Future: 7.2 percent, or 4 MPs

The Social Democratic Alliance: 5.7 percent or 3 MPs

Other parties do not appear to have the 5 percent voter support needed to be represented in Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament.

Please note that once all votes have been counted, some of the numbers above could change slightly.

New members of parliament will make up more than half of all 63 who have been elected, RÚV reports. It looks like the ratio of men and women will be more equal than ever.

For parties to be able to form a majority government, they need to have at least 32 MPs combined. Therefore, forming a government could be a complicated task.



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