Severe Weather Update


Severe Weather Update

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Archive photo. Photo: Landsbjörg.

Rescue workers have been called out in Southwest Iceland to assist people due to the severe weather that is affecting the area, reports. Roof sheets have been blown away on Reykjanes peninsula, and warnings were issued against driving on Reykjanesbraut road between 9 am and noon.

Þorsteinn G. Gunnarsson, public relations representative at ICE-SAR, stated, “In Reykjanesbær and Garður [on Reykjanes peninsula], roof sheets and scaffolding have been blown away.” Roof sheets came loose in Hveragerði, Southwest Iceland, as well. Some were fastened by putting a load on them, while others were blown away.

All domestic flights have been canceled for today. The situation was reevaluated at 2:15, and the decision made to cancel flights for the rest of the day.

As a precautionary measure, a dental office on Bæjarlind, Kópavogur, was evacuated, for fear that a construction crane in the vicinity might tumble, RÚV reports.

In Flateyri, the West Fjords, a lighting mast tipped over in the high winds. No one was injured.

A lightning hit the control tower at Vestmannaeyjar islands airport, shutting down all control equipment. Computers, weather equipment and radars are down.

When the weather was at its worst, almost 80 rescue workers in 11 groups were working in the capital area. Rescue teams were called out 35 times.

Lots of lightning was spotted during the severe weather, especially in South Iceland. The Icelandic Met Office has registered 100 instances of lightning, but it only registers lighting that hits the ground.

Some power outages occurred in the West Fjords.

Wind gusts near Hafnarfjall mountain reached speeds of up to 48 m/sec.

Two airplanes approaching Keflavík International Airport had to circle over Keflavík for a while before they could land.



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