Avoid All Unnecessary Travel


Avoid All Unnecessary Travel

Blowing snow

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

A violent gale is expected all over Iceland today. People are advised to avoid all unnecessary travel. The Icelandic Road Administration has listed a schedule of planned road closures for today. They are as follows:

9 am-6 pm: Eyjaföll, South Iceland, and Hellisheiði, Southwest Iceland.

11am – 6 pm: Mosfellsheiði and Lyngdalsheiði, Southwest Iceland.

Noon – 5 pm: Reykjanesbraut (the road from the capital area to Keflavík International Airport).

Noon–6 pm: Kjalarnes and Hafnarfjall, Southwest Iceland.

3 pm-9 pm: Holtavörðuheiði (the mountain pass connecting North and South Iceland) and Brattabrekka, West Iceland.

4 pm and into the evening: Mývatnsöræfi, Northeast Iceland, Möðrudalsöræfi, Fjarðarheiði, Fagridalur og Oddsskarð, East Iceland.

Wind gusts by mountains can reach 35-50 m/sec. There is blowing snow in Kjalarnes, Southwest Iceland. Around noon, conditions on Reykjanesbraut will deteriorate with wind speeds of 25 m/sec and gusts of up to 40 m/sec, along with slush and wet conditions. A snow storm is forecast for Brattabrekka and Holtavörðuheiði in the afternoon. A severe snowstorm is forecast with blowing snow in the east and northeast. A snowstorm is also expected in mountain passes in the West Fjords in the afternoon.

The wind will begin to die down in the Southwest between 4 and 5 pm.

You can follow road conditions and closures at and weather at


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