Supersize Glacier Truck Built in Iceland


Supersize Glacier Truck Built in Iceland

Glacier truck.

Part of the supersize truck. Photo: Ástvaldur Óskarsson.

The largest vehicle for glacier travel ever built in Iceland, and possibly the largest glacier truck in the world, should be ready this spring. It will include more comfort for passengers than previously known, including adjustable seats and a panoramic view, according to RÚV.

Ástvaldur Óskarsson is in charge of building the vehicle. “Close to twenty years ago, I was in the tourist business, and then I built the first vehicle from a rocket launching platform,” he stated.

He searched for components for the vehicle in many countries. “I found a fire truck in the US, which makes up the chassis for this truck, and many of its parts fit this project well,” he continued.

The tires are unusually large, with a diameter larger than the height of an average male. Ástvaldur explained, “What I’m doing is to try to increase the traveling speed, and that’s accomplished by taking a large step in the size of tires. The old trucks have 54-inch tires, but this one has 78-inch ones.”

The motor is at the back of the truck, providing more passenger space in the front. There is also a toilet at the back, double window panes, and a very good heating system. The view is panoramic, the seats comfortable and adjustable. The plan is to install a small deck in the back, onto which you can walk.

The vehicle will be used for trips on Eyjafjallajökull glacier. “I’m aiming for spring,” Ástvaldur remarked, “so it will be used for glacier trips this summer.”


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