American Tourists Return Stolen Sand & Pebble


American Tourists Return Stolen Sand & Pebble

Stolen Sand & Pebbles

The returned loot, as pictured by The Icelandic Tourist Board. Photo: Icelandic Tourist Board

The Icelandic Tourist Board posted a picture of a bag of black sand, a pebble and a note on its Facebook page. The senders were American tourists who wanted to return their stolen goods.

The tourists, Joanne and Evangelina from the United States, had traveled to Iceland in January and took with them some sand and a pebble to show at school.

They later learned that it is illegal to take anything from the beach or any natural grounds, so they wrote the letter (which can be read below) and sent it to the Icelandic Tourist Board, along with the sand and pebbles.

"We thank Joanne and Evangelina very much for their package and will place the sand and pebble out into nature as soon as we can," the Tourist Board wrote on its page.

Joanne and Evangelina's letter can be read here below:

"Dear Iceland Tourism Board

This January my daughter and I went to your beautiful country to visit and see the Northern Lights.

We enjoyed our visit very much and fell in love with Iceland!

We were so amazed and excited to visit the Black Sand Beach and took a little bit sand and a few pebbles home to show my daughter‘s classmates and teachers. She is 11 years old.

We later learned that it‘s not allowed to take anything from the beach or natural grounds. We are so sorry about that and return both the sand and pebbles back home to Iceland. Since Iceland was formed in a volcanic eruption the sand and pebbles could probably belong anywhere. We want to ask you to kindly return it back out to nature for us.

Sincerely, Your Joanne & Evangelina from Virginia USA."


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