Aluminum smelter in Straumsvík.

Rio Tinto Managers Load Ship with Aluminum

A ship carrying three thousand tons of aluminum from Rio Tinto Alcan in Straumsvík will leave harbor this afternoon, headed for the Netherlands, despite the limited strike meant to prevent all shipping of aluminum from the harbor.

Aluminum smelter in Straumsvík.

Aluminum Smelter Could Face Strike

Negotiations between Rio Tinto Alcan and the unions of workers at the aluminum smelter in Straumsvík, outside the town of Hafnarfjörður, which Rio Tinto operates, have been unsuccessful.

Rio Tinto.

Protest against Rio Tinto

Close to one hundred employees of Rio Tinto Alcan Iceland LTD, which operates the aluminum smelter in Straumsvík, Southwest Iceland, protested by the smelter’s headquarters at noon today.