Icelandic sheep

Shearing in Cold Weather May Explain Sheep Death

A difficult winter, shearing in cold weather and poor-quality food may explain the extensive death of sheep in Iceland last winter and spring. Veterinarian Sigurður Sigurðsson, who has investigated the sheep deaths, stated that many factors had contributed to the situation.

A farm in Northeast Iceland.

Applications for Pig Slaughtering Deferred

All applications for pig slaughtering were deferred earlier today at the meeting of the Icelandic Veterinary Association’s (IVA) strike-exemption committee. The applications will be reevaluated tomorrow and their outcome is expected to be largely dependent on the results of today’s negotiations...

Icelandic Settlement hens

Strike Affects Animal Welfare in Iceland

The ongoing strike among the members of the Association of Academics (BHM), including veterinarians, is affecting the operations of slaughterhouses; chicken and pigs cannot be slaughtered and meanwhile conditions at poultry and pork farms are becoming crammed.

A boat in Húsavík.

Blue Whale Appears in North Iceland

Not only migrant birds have arrived in Iceland, bringing with them a hope of spring—so have the whales. A blue whale, the largest animal on earth, was sighted from whale watching boat Náttfari, operated by North Sailing, on Skjálfandi bay in Northeast Iceland early this week.

Arctic fox

Icelandic Fox Cubs Sent to Foreign Zoos

The Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park recently sent animals to be kept at foreign zoos for the first time. These were the five cubs of fox couple Frosti and Flandra, which were born last spring. After undergoing medical examination and vaccination, one cub was sent to Norway and four to Sweden.

A beach in Strandir, the West Fjords

Ancient Walrus Bones Studied in Iceland

The Icelandic Institute of Natural History and the University of Iceland have signed an agreement on joint research of the ancient biology of walruses in Iceland. Up to 2,000-year-old walrus bones have been found in Iceland, especially in the western part of the country.

A screenshot of a video of mysterious tracks in the snow.

Mysterious Tracks in Snow in West Fjords

Þorvaldur Garðar Helgason, a fox hunter from Hólmavík in the eastern West Fjords, noticed a mysterious trail in the snow while on a hunt near the airport at Arngerðareyri in Ísafjörður on Saturday evening. Speculations are rife.

TF-LIF Icelandic Coastguard Helicopter

Carcasses of Dead Horses Free from Icy Pond

The carcasses of all 12 horses who were found in the frozen Bessastaðatjörn pond, near Reykjavík, yesterday, have been freed from the ice. Divers broke through the ice and a helicopter from Reykjavík Helicopters heaved the dead horses out of the pond.

Arctic Fox Stock Collapses in West Fjords Reserve

The Arctic fox stock in nature reserve Hornstrandir in the West Fjords nearly collapsed this past summer. A multitude of foxes were found dead and very few pairs managed to raise cubs, as stated in a report by the Icelandic Institute of Natural History (NÍ) released last week.

Seals at the Reykjavík Zoo.

Drones Used to Count Seals

Scientists in Iceland will use drones for the seal count this year, organized by the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries and Icelandic Seal Center. If the method proves successful, it will be added to the usual counting of seals by plane and is hoped to reduce costs.