Visit to Fischer Denied

Bobby Fischer’s former bodyguard, Saemundur Pálsson, was unable to visit the imprisoned former chess great in Japan, reports the Mainichi Daily News.

Few Snow Days

Iceland’s snowfall for the month of February was unusually low compared to previous years, says meteorologist Thrausti Pállsson.

Iceland Sends Arms to Iraq

Iceland will transfer roughly 500 tonnes of weapons and ammunition to Iraq, Foreign Minister David Oddsson announced yesterday at Parliament.

Dog Drives Car into Sea

Police in Eskafjördur report that a dog drove his owner’s car into a harbour.

Harp Seal Caught in Local Harbour

A Harp Seal was accidentally caught in a local fisherman’s net yesterday, reports Fréttabladid. The Harp, or Greenland, Seal is typically found further North.

Parliamentarian Steps Down

Bryndiis Hlödversdóttir, parliamentarian for the Alliance Party will step down from her seat on August 1 to take up the position of law professor at the Bifröst School of Business....

Seven Actors Resign

Following the announcement by National Theatre director Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir that ten of the theatre’s youngest actors would be fired, seven more mature actors resigned. ...

Special Delivery for Bobby Fischer

A small group of Icelanders are travelling to Japan to deliver a temporary residence permit to former chess great Bobby Fischer.

Ásgrímsson Still Chair

At a meeting of the Progressive Party this Sunday, Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson was reelected chairman of his party. While his support had decreased, with a vote of 82% in favour of reeelection compared with 92% two years ago....

Flu Kills Pensioners

According to the Chief of Infectious Diseases at the National University Hospital, Haraldur Briem, the severe strain of influenza that hit Iceland this winter has caused the death of many old age pensioners.

New Theatre Director Fires Ten Actors

New theatre director, Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir, has called for a meeting at the National Theatre today where she will announce the termination of contract for ten of the...

Hotel Over Ruins

The hotel being built over ruins that are said to be the first farm in Reykjavik is ISK 13.1 million over budget, according to a letter drafted by the Mayor, Steinunn Valdis Oskarsdottir.

Baugur Rejected by Somerfield

The Guardian reports that Icelandic company Baugur’s bid to take over the British Somerfield supermarket chain has been rejected. A bid valued at one billion pounds, or 190p a share, was rejected outright.

Bad News for Cats

The City of Reykjavik has passed a law stating that all cats older than 6 months will be neutered if found on the streets.

Check Mate

Former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has been granted a tourist passport, and given an Icelandic social security number. The passport was sent to the Icelandic embassy in Japan.

Heavy Fog Grounds Flights

An unusual, heavy fog has covered Reykjavík for the past few days, delaying domestic flights.