Iceland to Take Weapons to Iraq

According to Foreign Minister Davíd Oddsson, who spoke at a NATO conference in Brussels today, Iceland will be taking care of transporting weapons from Slovenia to Iraq.

Baugur Bids on Somerfield

Baugur Group yesterday made a take over bid on British supermarket chain Somerfield for 118 billion kronur.

Rescue Operations Continue

Members of the Icelandic coast guard are searching for two more members of the Icelandic cargo ship Jökullfell. Yesterday, four bodies were found, a day after five members of the crew had been rescued in heavy seas by a Danish helicopter.

Most Popular Thorramatur

The Association of Meat Producers of Iceland has provided the answers to key questions about Thorrablót cuisine, the food served during the month Thorra.

Rather Dirty Movie: Location Iceland

A pornographic film starring the Slovenian actress Martina Jacova is currently being filmed at and around a hotel in the West Fjords, according to DV newspaper.

Rescue at Sea

Five men have been rescued but six are still missing after their ship overturned northeast of the Faeroe Islands late last night, reports Frettabladid.

Bursting Day Won't Kill Anyone

Today is bursting day, a unique take on the Fat Tuesday tradition. Locals consume salted, and often fatty, meat dishes until bursting.

Toronto Star Praises Blue Planet

Blue Planet, a play based on the children’s book by Icelandic writer Andri Snaer Magnason, received a positive review form the Toronto Star on its opening.

Chinese New Year in Iceland

Yesterday 250 Chinese workers at the Kárahnjúkar dam project celebrated the end of the year of the monkey, and the beginning of the year of the rooster.

Parliament Asks for Info on Fischer

While many news sources, including the Associated Press, have suggested that Iceland will offer Bobby Fischer citizenship, Parliament yesterday asked for more information about the effects of such an action.

More Support for Ingibjörg

The most respected business magazine in Iceland, Frjals Verslun (also published by IR-publisher Heimur, HF) has released a survey stating that former mayor of Reykjavík Ingibjörg Sólon Gísladóttir has a great deal more support for the position of Chairperson of the Alliance party than...

Progressive Party Loses Support

Support for the Progressive Party has waned sharply, reveals a recent poll conducted by Frettabladid newspaper. According to the survey, if elections were held today the Party would lose a total of seven seats in Parliament.

President Grímsson Opens Sustainable Development Meeting in Indi

On the heels of a report citing Iceland as one of the five most likely countries to be entirely self-sufficient, Iceland’s president gave the opening speech of the Sustainable Development Summit in India. Optimistic in general, the speech included a somewhat open jab on the Bush...

New Leader for Alliance Party

According to a Fréttabladid survey, current chair of the Alliance Party Össur Skarpheidsson has lost a great deal of support. ...

Mugison Wins Big

Örn Elías Gudmundsson, better known as Mugison, won big at the Icelandic Music Awards. Candid and affable as ever, the popular musician played down his reception of four major awards, among them best album and best song. ...

Estimating Damages of Oil Scandal

The Mayor of Reykjavik, Steinunn Valdis Oskarsdóttir, has made claims on behalf of the City against the three oil companies involved in a price fixing scandal.

The Price of School

Members of the Left Green Party proposed a gradual reduction in pre-school fees yesterday in parliament. The proposal called for the government, over time, to eventually cover the costs of pre-school.

Earthquake East of Iceland

A large earthquake occurred last night 200km off the coast of eastern Iceland. The quake measured 5.2 on the Richter Scale, and could be felt in the towns of Neskaupsstadur and Egilsstadur....

Saving Falcons

A falcon soaked in gasoline was rescued from a beach near Breidalsvik, east Iceland, yesterday. The falcon was cleaned, and held at a local hotel throughout the night.