Honouring a Dam-Maker

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said Iceland would be praised if the government continued with plans to protect the Jökulsár á Fjöllum River, and create a national park surrounding the Vatnajökull glacier, located in East Iceland.

Storm Warning

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a storm warning for North Iceland. The forecast calls for winds of up to 40 m/s through out the north.

Celebrating H.C: Andersen

At a formal ceremony attended by Princess Benedicta of Denmark, former Icelandic president Vigdís Finnbogadóttir and writer Einar Már Gudmundsson were named ambassadors for the 200-year anniversary celebrations of Hans Christian Andersen.

New Apartments in 101

A massive block of apartments has been announced for Laugavegur 41.

Parliament Debates Giving Fischer Citizenship

The Icelandic Parliament is debating offering former world chessmaster Bobby Fischer Icelandic citizenship. Fischer was the first American to win the World Championship of chess in 1972, in a much publicized match in Reykjavík. While here, he apparently made life-long connections.

Oddsson Draws Heat for Early Coalition Letter

The Fréttabladid newspaper has pointed out that the timing of Oddsson’s March 18th 2003 letter of support for the Coalition seems premature considering how little debate had gone on in Iceland’s parliament at that time.

National Team Wins Big

Iceland easily defeated Kuwait to improve their seating in the Handball World Championships in Tunisia. With a 31-22 victory, Iceland is now placed third in their group of six, behind Russia and Slovenia.

National Team Loses Heartbreaker

Slovenia narrowly defeated Iceland 34-33 in opening round play at the men’s handball World Championship in Tunis. ...

New Global Warming Report Has Dire News for Iceland

The global environment is in a bad way, claimed a task force made up of the Institute for Public Policy in Britain, the Centre for American Progress in the US, and the Australian Institute.

National Movement Publishes Ad in New York Times

The National Movement of Iceland, a group protesting Iceland’s membership in the Coalition of the Willing, published a full-page advertisement in Friday’s New York Times. The ad explained Iceland’s long history of pacifism, and pointed out that the decision to join the Coalition was not...

Use of Cocaine Rising in Reykjavik

Police Commissioner Hördur Johannesson warned of rising use of cocaine in Reykjavík last night on the popular news show Kastljósid.

Eve Online Players Donate to Tsunami Fund

900 players of the Icelandic virtual reality strategy game Eve have agreed to donate to a Tsunami fund. Their total donation is valued at 1.5 million Icelandic kronur.

Workers Union Condemns Impreglio

The Icelandic Workers Union claims Impreglio, the Italian contractor for the Káranjukar dam project in East Iceland, has shown repeatedly that they “have little interest in working within limits set by unions.”

Demand in Housing Brings Illegal Workers

ASI, the Workers Union, states that a shortage of skilled builders coupled with the enormous expansion in the area around Reyjavík has brought up to 1000 illegal workers in the construction industry.

Cost of Apartments Rising Quickly

Íslandsbanki reports that last year the cost of apartments in Reykjavík increased a staggering 25%. Further, they believe that the cost will continue to rise at the same rate, possibly at a higher rate.

Brazilian Company to South Iceland?

Brazilian company Companhia Vale do Rio Doce is amongst those companies who have looked at Helguvík in the southern peninsula in Reykjanes. The company, which runs iron manganese factories in Norway and France is looking to build a factory in the Icelandic inlet.

Chinese Employees Sent Back

According to the Icelandic Work Institute, work permits for further foreign Impregilo workers will not be issued until at least next week, or until a result is reached at the Ministry of Social Affairs on Impregilo's wage agreements.

Support of Iraq Invasion not Discussed?

Deputy leader of the Progressive Party, Minister of Agriculture Gudni Ágústsson said in a talk show last Sunday that the decision to support the war on Iraq had not been discussed in Parliament until the decision had been made.

Business Man of the Year Steps Down

CEO of Icelandair, Sigurdur Helgason announced at a board meeting yesterday that he will be resigning on May 31 after twenty years as head of the company.