Cost of Apartments Rising Quickly

Íslandsbanki reports that last year the cost of apartments in Reykjavík increased a staggering 25%. Further, they believe that the cost will continue to rise at the same rate, possibly at a higher rate.

Brazilian Company to South Iceland?

Brazilian company Companhia Vale do Rio Doce is amongst those companies who have looked at Helguvík in the southern peninsula in Reykjanes. The company, which runs iron manganese factories in Norway and France is looking to build a factory in the Icelandic inlet.

Chinese Employees Sent Back

According to the Icelandic Work Institute, work permits for further foreign Impregilo workers will not be issued until at least next week, or until a result is reached at the Ministry of Social Affairs on Impregilo's wage agreements.

Support of Iraq Invasion not Discussed?

Deputy leader of the Progressive Party, Minister of Agriculture Gudni Ágústsson said in a talk show last Sunday that the decision to support the war on Iraq had not been discussed in Parliament until the decision had been made.

Business Man of the Year Steps Down

CEO of Icelandair, Sigurdur Helgason announced at a board meeting yesterday that he will be resigning on May 31 after twenty years as head of the company.

Vibrators Please

According to a new international survey, Icelandic women own more vibrators per capita (52 percent) than women in any other country.

Three Avalanches this Morning

Three avalanches fell onto Óshlíd in the West Fjords this morning. The meterological office has issued a warning for further avalanches and the road administration closed the nearby roads.

Memorial Service for Avalanche Victims

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of the Súdavík avalanche which caused losses in six families. Two hundred people attended the service at the local church and one family donated a painting " Rescue," to the local rescue team.

Oscar to Iceland?

Valdís Óskarsdóttir, who cut the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Charles Kaufman is apparently one of the favourites for the Oscar nominations this year.

Icelandic Course Awarded

An Icelandic course on the treatment of fruit and vegetables in supermarkets has been nominated for the European quality awards at Leonardo, the EEA's cooperative project.

Daily News Service

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Cocaine and Hash Smugglers Busted

German authorities announced that they have arrested two Icelanders involved in a smuggling operation between Iceland and Germany. They are currently searching for the collaborators to the two fishermen who have already been arrested and sentenced.

No More Rock in Reykjavik

The IU or Icelandic Radio Company, a division of Nordurljos, has cut three major stations.

Court Demands Inspection of Aluminium Factory

The district court of Reykjavík has ruled that the controversial aluminium factory in the East Fjords will need an environmental assessment to begin operations.

Impregilo Hires Icelanders

Following a newspaper ad, ten Icelanders have been hired to work for Impregilo at the Kárahnjúkar dam in east Iceland. The Italian contractors plan to advertise for more Icelandic workers in upcoming weeks.

Icelander Right Hand of Kofi Annan in Liberia

Kofi Annan, managing director of the United Nations has appointed Steinar Berg Björnsson as his special assistant in Liberia. Björnsson, who has worked for the peace corps since 1990 and last worked in Sierra Leone, will be the deputy director of the peace corps in the country.

The Price of Medicine

Icelanders pay more than other Nordic countries for medication according to a new survey by NOMESCO. However, Icelanders use less medication than the other Nordic countries, with the exception of drugs for mental illness.

Aid from the North

A large group of Icelanders is organising a nation-wide collection of money for the victims of the Tsunami disaster. The event, called Neydarhjálp í Nordri (Emergency aid from the North) will be broadcasted on RÚV, channel 2 and Skjár Einn and various local celebrities will appear.

Screaming Masterpiece

The documentary Screaming Masterpiece produced by Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson, Sigurjon Sighvatsson, Thor Snaer Sigurjonsson og Skuli Fr. has received roughly 7 million ISK from the Eurimages Fund.

Oil Conspiracy Case in Court

Lawyers made their cases yesterday for twelve hours at the Icelandic High Court. The Icelandic Fair Trade Authority found Iceland's three largest oil companies Shell, Olís and Esso guilty of price fixing late last year and fined them.