Icelanders are Happy

A renowned Dutch sociologist, Ruut Veenhoven, has published the results of a happiness survey which he made on all the world’s countries.

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Earthquake in North Iceland

Two earthquakes occurred in the ocean of the north coast of Iceland yesterday afternoon. The second earthquake measured 5,5 on the Richter scale and was noticeable in several areas, including Grímsey island, Húsavík and Akureyri.

"No" to Coalition of the Willing

According to a new Gallup poll, 84 percent of Icelanders want Iceland to be taken off the list of countries supporting US military action in Iraq named the Coalition of the Willing.

Charged for Murder One

Hákon Eydal, the man who murdered his ex-wife Sri Ramawhati in July last year has been charged with murder one, and the state attorney is demanding the maximum penalty.

Producer buys into 66 degrees North

Hollywood producer Sigurjón Sighvatsson - Joni Sighvats has purchased the majority of shares in Icelandic outdoor clothing company 66 North.

Impregilo Not Complying to Wage Agreements

The Icelandic Labour Union – ASÍ announced to the Ministry of Social Affairs last night that foreign employees at the Kárahnjúkar dam in east Iceland are often being paid 50 thousand kronas less than the minimum wage.

Large Avalanche Falls on House

A large avalanche fell over the farm of Hraun in Hnífsdalur, west Iceland. It was mostly swept away with the snowflood. Fortunately, the farm has recently been abandoned and was empty at the time of the flood.

Man of the Year

Frjals Verslun (Free Enterprise) has nominated Sigurdur Helgason, CEO of Icelandair, as businessman of the year 2004 in Iceland. In a year of remarkable economic growth across many of the companies listed on the Icelandic stock exchange, Helgason and Icelandair stood out.

Avalanche Danger

Familes in Patreksfjördur and Tálknafjördur in the west fjords have had to evacuate their homes due to avalanche warnings. Bjarnveig Gudbjartsdóttir, her husband Felix Haraldsson and their three children were among those who had to evacuate their Patreksfjördur home at midnight.

Vitamin Enriched Water

The Egill Skallagrímsson brewery has started production of a new vitamin enriched sparkling water called Kristal Plús.

New Indoor Pool

A new indoor thermal pool was taken into use on January 2nd in Laugardalur Health Centre in Reykjavík. The pool is the biggest indoor pool in Iceland, 50 meters and built according to international demands on competition pools.

Icelandic Red Cross Plane to Thailand

The Icelandic Red Cross sent a plane carrying ten tonnes of water and one and a half tonnes of tent material to the Tsunami victims of Thailand. The Icelandic government rented the plane to fetch injured Swedish tourists.

Great Skiing Conditions

The recent snowfall brought joy to skiers and snowboarders all around Iceland. The Blafjoll skiing area just outside Reykjavik was open all weekend and conditions were excellent.

New Year’s Eve Fires Off

Heavy snowfall and strong winds prevented Reykjavik inhabitants from lighting the traditional New Year’s Eve bonfires. Windspeeds reached up to 28 metres per second, but thankfully the storm died by midnight enabling citizens to light millions of fireworks. Some accidents, however were...

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Iceland offers Bobby Fischer visa

Iceland has offered a residency visa to former US chess champion Bobby Fischer. Mr Fischer is detained in Japan and is wanted in the United States for violating international sanctions against Yugoslavia in 1992.

Kitchen-Fire Damages Reykjavik Landmark

A fire which started in the Kebabhusid in downtown Reykjavík did significant damage to the historic building at Laekjargata 2. The building is one of two major historic timber houses in the downtown area, the other being the famed Hressingarskálinn.