Horse Corpses Burned Due to Anthrax

In a massive fire near Reykholt, four horses dead from Anthrax were cremated. Ten people were treated with antibiotics due to exposure to the animals.

Red Cross of Iceland Opens Women's Shelter

The Icelandic Red Cross celebrated its 80 year anniversary and opened the Konukot, or women's shelter, yesterday. The shelter has beds and facilities for eight women.

Website to Teach Icelandic... In Icelandic

According to Frettabladid, Icelandic Online is launching a new website to teach Icelandic to foreigners. The hang-up: the web-site is in Icelandic.

Iceland Rates Low on Corruption Scale

Transparency International, a non-governmental agency with the reported goal of exposing corruption, has released figures claiming that Iceland rates low in corruption.

Birgitta Tops the Charts

Teen and pre-teen idol Birgitta Haukdal has captured the top spot on the national charts with sales of her album Perlur (Pearls), a children's album.

Plan to Build Emotion Square

After a successful run at this summer's Culture Night, author and playwright Elisabet Jökulsdóttir is coordinating an effort to build a permanent "Emotion Square" in Reykjavík.

KB Bank Donates 21.5 Million Krónur

KB Bank, the largest bank in Iceland which has reported record growth, has donated 21.5 million ISK to cultural and charity institutions.

Parliamentarians Claim Ásgrímsson Lied

Members of the opposition parties attacked Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson for comments he made on a national talk show Monday night. On the talk show, Ásgrímsson claimed that Parliament had been consulted before Iceland endorsed US action in Iraq.

Teachers Accept Contract

Yesterday, members of the teachers union accepted the contract proposed by the municipalities with a slim 51% majority. There are scattered reports of resignations by those teachers who feel the new contract is still far too low.

Winter Storm Warning

The Icelandic Meteorological Office warns of a strong gale hitting Southern Iceland. Winds up to 23 meters per second are forecasted, along with sleet and rain.

Dollar Drops Further

The dollar is at its lowest point against the krona since 1992. At present, the exchange is 61 kronur to the dollar. It has never been this low against the euro.

Dams Have No Influence on Birds

According to the Bern agreement commission, which has just conducted research by independent scientists on the effect of dams on bird life, no bird species will be noticably influenced by the Kárahnjúkar dam.

Jóhannesson Influential in British Fashion

Director of the Baugur Group, Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson is the fourth most influential man in the British fashion industry according to professional fashion weekly Drapers Record.

No Formal Discussion on Iraq Invasion

Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson, who was interviewed on RÚV's Kastljós programme last night, said that no formal decision had ever been made on supporting the invasion of Iraq.

Ceremonial Lighting of Oslo Tree

The Oslo tree was presented on Sunday by the Norwegian ambassador at a festive gathering in Austurvellir in downtown Reykjavík.

Fire Kills One, Three Escape

Memorial services were held yesterday to remember the 21-year old victim of a fire in Saudarkrokur, in northern Iceland. During the service, the pastor also gave thanks for the three survivors of the fire.

Assault in Fossvogur

Eight men forced their way into an apartment in Fossvogur, an upscale neighbourhood in Reykjavík, and assaulted one of the occupants.

Thieves Discover the Spirit of Giving

Police have explained how they know that the rash of computer theft and vandalism in Reykjavík is likely the work of one group of people.

Oil Scandal Has No Effect On R-List

Despite the resignation of the mayor Thórólfur Arnason, whom the R-List had appointed, a recent survey shows that there has been no change in the popularity of the current Reykjavík government.

Gudbrandur's Bible Sold

A copy of Gudbrandur's Bible, the first Icelandic printing of the bible, sold for three times its projected value in Copenhagen yesterday.