Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse will be visible over Iceland tonight. Due to the weather conditions, the eclipse is expected to be very colourful. The next lunar eclipse will be 3 March 2007.

Hopeful Note Sounded on Teacher's Strike

The State negotiator is expected to propose a deal that will put an end to the five-week old teacher's strike, RUV is reporting.

The new contract being discussed will offer a different work arrangement for teachers and will include a substantial wage increase.

RUV reports that...

Vodafone Buys Nordurljos

The telecommunications company Og Vodafone purchased a 90 percent stake in the media conglomerate Nordurljos. The sale price is reported to be ISK 3.6 billion. Og Vodafone is expected to purchase the remaining shares over the next few weeks.

Following the purchase, Nordurljos announced...