Mystery Illness above Iceland

Yesterday afternoon, American Airlines flight 109, en route from London to Los Angeles, turned around shortly after flying past Keflavík International Airport, because of a mystery illness onboard.

Jets, Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia

Wanted: Owner of Three Jets

Wanted: owner of three Boeing 747-200F jets with Icelandic registration numbers parked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, for more than a year.

Akureyri in winter.

Airport Operator Responds to Akureyri Airport Story

Guðni Sigurðsson, a public relations person at airport operator Isavia, has voiced his disapproval of a news story published in the Icelandic media and on on November 5 regarding Akureyri Airport being listed in the riskiest category of airports by some foreign airlines.

Icelandic Coast Guard helicopter

All Academy Planes to be Inspected

In the wake of the fatal air plane crash in Reykjanes Thursday, where two flight instructors died, all airplanes of the Icelandic Flight Academy will be inspected before being used again.