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Court Orders Closure of Torrent Websites

Reykjavík District Court has ordered an injunction on access by internet users of telecommunications companies Vodafone and Hringdu to the torrent websites , , , and .
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Competition Authority Fines Dairy Company

The Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) concluded on September 22, that MS, the largest dairy company in Iceland, had hindered competition on the dairy market by selling milk to competitors at a 17 percent higher price than to companies connected to MS.

WOW Adds Three New Destinations

WOW Air will add three new destinations to its flight schedule next summer, Dublin, Billund and Rome. Flights to Dublin will operate all year round while flights to Billund and Rome will run during the summer only.
Hlemmur bus station

Nine Hundred Hotels Rooms at Hlemmur

Five-hundred-and-ninety hotel rooms are set to be built at Hlemmur square in Reykjavík, located just east of the city center, taking the total number of hotel rooms in the square to 900 as of next June.

Fin Whaling Season Concludes

The board of the fin whaling company Hvalur hf. has decided to conclude its fin whale hunting season earlier than usual due to bad weather and shorter days. The ships Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9 came returned to harbor on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning respectively.