Dog Days for Reykjavík Bakery

For 85 years Björnsbakarí bakery has made the bread for Bæjarins bestu iconic Reykjavík hotdog stands. However, from September 1, the bakery Gæðabakstur/Ömmubakstur will bake the hot dog bread for Bæjarins bestu after the bakery made the company a better offer.

Pig Farms Fear for Survival

Icelandic pig farmers are suffering financially due to the ongoing vets’ strike and some no longer have money for animal feed and to pay bills.

UK Skyr War Heats Up

“Hello everyone. Sorry for the late reply - the time difference here in Höfn makes it difficult for me sometimes,” is part of a Facebook answer from Arla Skyr. “I can confirm this is the same Skyr you found when you traveled to my wonderful homeland.”