Pig Farms Fear for Survival

Icelandic pig farmers are suffering financially due to the ongoing vets’ strike and some no longer have money for animal feed and to pay bills.

Skyr with berries

UK Skyr War Heats Up

“Hello everyone. Sorry for the late reply - the time difference here in Höfn makes it difficult for me sometimes,” is part of a Facebook answer from Arla Skyr. “I can confirm this is the same Skyr you found when you traveled to my wonderful homeland.”

Reykjavík and Esja mountain

Lawyers’ Strike Causing Housing Market Problems

Some Icelandic estate agents have started putting clauses in house purchase contracts so that buyers have to pay sellers extra interest due to the lawyers’ strike at district commissioners’ offices around the country.

Icelandic minke whale meat.

Prime Minister Wants Flag on Icelandic Products

Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson put forth a bill in parliament yesterday on the freer use of Iceland’s national flag on Icelandic products and design. The new bill will allow the flag to be displayed on Icelandic products, design and intellectual property under the supervision of the...


Activists Call for Icelandic Seafood Boycott

A coalition of animal welfare and conservation groups has launched a new online ad campaign to coincide with the 2015 Seafood Exposition Global and Seafood Processing Global convention in Brussels, which begins today, advising consumers and major seafood buyers to be aware of fish “tainted by...

Denny's Diner.

Denny’s to Open Three Restaurants in Iceland

A group of Icelandic investors have made an agreement with U.S. restaurant chain Denny’s Diner on opening three restaurants in Iceland in the next two years; the first in Europe. The first restaurant is set to open this year and a suitable location is being sought.

Luxury Hotel to Open Next to Harpa in Reykjavík

U.S. real estate company Carpenter & Company have purchased the construction rights for a hotel next to concert and conference center Harpa at the Reykjavík wharf. The company is planning to build a five-star, 250-room hotel, including a number of restaurants, a spa and rooms for meetings...

Icelandair plane

Lightning Pierces Nose of Icelandair Plane

Icelandair plane Herðubreið was struck by lightning on Tuesday. The plane was en route to Denver when the incident occurred and landed there safely according to schedule. However, in Denver it turned out that the lightning had pierced the plane’s nose.

Supreme Court of Iceland

Banker’s Wife Accuses Supreme Court of Mix-up

Ingibjörg Kristjánsdóttir, the wife of former majority owner of Kaupþing Bank Ólafur Ólafsson, who in February was handed a four-and-a-half year sentence for being party to the Al-Thani scam, maintains in an article she wrote in Fréttablaðið today that the Supreme Court of Iceland had confused...

Akureyri in winter.

North Iceland Culture Center Marketed as Studio

The North Iceland Symphony Orchestra is being promoted as a studio band and Akureyri culture center Hof as a studio for recording music as part of a recently-launched marketing initiative, Arctic Cinema Orchestra. Projects on behalf of Disney and Sony are currently being recorded at the studio...


Foreign Workers Needed for Tourism Industry

Thousands of jobs in the growing tourism industry in Iceland will need to be filled by foreign workers, according to Edward H. Huijbens, professor at the University of Akureyri and director of the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre.

Money - Icelandic Króna

PM Calls for Reform of Iceland’s Monetary System

A report, commissioned by Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, outlining the need for a fundamental reform of Iceland’s monetary system, was published today by Progressive Party MP and chair of the Alþingi parliament’s Committee for Economic Affairs and Trade Frosti Sigurjónsson.

Tourists in Reykjavík

Overnight Stays in Iceland Up 21 Percent

The number of overnight stays in Iceland totaled 5.5 million last year, up 21 percent from the previous year. Stays by foreign visitors made up 80 percent of the total, up 25 percent from 2013. Overnight stays among Icelanders increased six percent from 2013, according to Statistics Iceland.