Children in Iceland

Kids Give Bullying the Cold Shoulder

Student Friendship Coordinators are elected by their peers to lead games at recess, encourage others to participate, and notify adults if anyone is being excluded or bullied.

Ash Wednesday Celebrated

It's Ash Wednesday, which means that children all over Iceland are getting dressed up in costumes and heading out to gather candy. There's no such thing as free candy however, the kids have to sing for their sweets!

Children in Iceland

Prospective Parents Face Long Adoption Wait

The long time taken to process adoption applications in Iceland can lead to some potential parents giving up, according to the chairman of Icelandic Adoptions. The processing time to adopt has increased greatly in recent years.

Women with their babies in Reykjavík

Icelandic Birth Rate Never Lower

4,129 children were born last year in Iceland. The fertility rate was measured at 1.81 children for every woman over a lifetime—a figure which has never been lower since records began being kept in 1853.

Árneshreppur, the West Fjords, Iceland

Iceland’s Smallest School to Close?

It looks increasingly likely that families of four of the five children in Árneshreppur municipality may move away this summer, meaning that their school would most likely close down.


Teen Bullying Attack Film Released on Internet

A vicious physical attack on a teenage girl in Reykjavík was filmed and released on social media. The nation is outraged and police are investigating. The girl’s father says she has been the victim of nasty bullying for quite some time.

Bæjarins beztu hot dog

Teens 4 kg Heavier than a Decade Ago

Reykjavík teenagers sleep an average of just six hours a night during weekdays, which is far too little sleep. Year 10 students are significantly heavier than the same age group were just 12 years ago.