Supreme Court of Iceland

Granddad Beats Bank, Guarantors Gleeful

People who have registered as guarantor on loans to people or businesses that later go bankrupt, can only be chased for the debt within two years, thanks to a Supreme Court judgement last week.


Eight Convicted in Seven-Year Tax Fraud Case

Eight people—six men and two women—were this afternoon convicted in one of Iceland’s biggest tax fraud investigations of recent times. The defendants were each sentenced to three-month to four-year suspended prison sentences.

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson

Prime Minister Extortion Sisters Sentenced

The Reykjavík District Court has today sentenced sisters Hlín Einarsdóttir and Malín Brand to 12 months in prison—nine of which are in the form of a suspended sentence. The pair were sentenced for a high-profile attempt to blackmail money out of the then prime minister, Sigmundur Davíð...


Information Leaked to Influence Courts?

The head of the Association of Icelandic Judges believes information regarding the stock ownership of Supreme Court judges must have been leaked to the media in order to influence the operation of the courts.

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Judge States He Followed Rules

Last night, the TV news analysis program Kastljós suggested that an Icelandic supreme court lawyer might have failed to report his purchase and sale of shares in Glitnir Bank prior to the 2008 banking collapse.

Supreme Court of Iceland

Forged Passport Refugee Let Off

The Supreme Court of Iceland has rescinded the 30-day prison sentence handed down by the Reykjanes District Court to a Syrian refugee found guilty of traveling under a false passport.

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Courts Fail to Protect the Disabled

The case of two intellectually disabled women, who accused the same man for sexually abusing them, illustrates the limitations of our court system when it comes to protecting the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

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Casino Owners to Jail

This morning, the Reykjavík District Court sentenced two men and one woman to jail for running the casino Poker and Play in Skeifan, Reykjavík, between 2000 and 2012.