Viking Ship, no Nudity in Reykjavík Pride Parade

Icelandic pop singer Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson will ‘sail’ on a Viking ship “for the Icelandic settlement queens” in this year’s Reykjavík Pride parade, which will take place on August 8. Páll Óskar also stated that there will be no “tits and asses” in this year’s parade.

New Music Video Features Icelandic Folk Song

Icelandic singer Guðrún Ólafsdóttir and Spanish guitarist Francisco Javier Jáuregui recently filmed a new music video on the beach in Reykjavík to one of Iceland’s most beloved folk songs, ‘Vísur Vatnsenda-Rósu,’ arranged by acclaimed composer Jón Ásgeirsson.

1,000 Art Exhibitions in One Place

Reykjavík Art Museum this week celebrated a milestone in its online presence, as details of every single one of the roughly-one-thousand exhibitions since the Museum’s inception in 1973 are now available on its new website.