The Imagine Peace Tower

School Celebrates Peace, Shuns Church

The annual tradition of every school taking its pupils on a visit to church in the lead up to Christmas has become increasingly controversial in recent years. But when one school recently decided to cancel the tradition, a storm of criticism arose—as well as plenty of support for the idea.

Tjaldur (oystercatcher).

Birdlife in Reykjavík Honored

A special Bird Week kicks off in Reykjavík today, the purpose of which is to raise awareness of the diverse birdlife which exists within city limits and the importance of Reykjavík for the welfare of Icelandic birds.


School for Children of Asylum Seekers

Fifteen children of asylum seekers in three municipalities, who due to a mistake by the Directorate of Immigration had not been admitted to school, have now been granted admission.

Reykjavík City Hall

Directorate of Immigration Admits Mistake

Kristín Völundardóttir, head of the Directorate of Immigration, has admitted a mistake was made when the directorate failed to apply for school for 17 children of asylum seekers, RÚV reports.

School With Twins and Triplets Record?

Of around 900 students at the Suðurnes Comprehensive College, 46 are twins or triplets, it has been noticed. At around five percent of the total student body, that is a very high proportion.


Icelandic-Developed Learning Tool Presented in Kenya

Gunnar Stefánsson, professor at the University of Iceland’s Faculty of Physical Sciences, recently returned from Kenya where he presented the tutor-web, an open learning (freeware) system for mathematics and statistics, at two universities.

Teacher Critical of Reading Methods Fired

A teacher in Þingeyjarskóli, northeastern Iceland, who holds a degree in reading instruction from Germany, claims she lost her job because she refused to adopt a controversial Icelandic method of teaching children to read.

Reykjavík Pride 2014.

Reykjavík Funds LGBT Rights Education

Representatives of the City of Reykjavík and LGBT rights association Samtökin ’78 signed an agreement on Friday including a funding of ISK 15 million (USD 113,000, EUR 102,000) for three years to the association for organizing LGBT rights education in the city’s elementary schools.

Sulfur dioxide pollution visible over Reykjavík

Schoolchildren Gifted Eclipse Glasses

Over 50,000 pairs of special solar eclipse viewing glasses will be distributed to Icelandic primary schools in the coming days, in preparation for the solar eclipse on Friday 20th March.


School Project Makes Reading Cool Again

Þórhildur Garðarsdóttir admits to having been slightly depressed by the results of the European PISA children’s education survey, “so I thought about what I could do about it as a parent and as an employee of a publishing house.”

Mayor of Reykjavík Dagur B. Eggertsson speaking at the signing of a declaration of intent regarding new student apartments..

Hundreds of New Student Apartments in Reykjavík

The City of Reykjavík, the Icelandic Student Agency (FS) and University of Iceland signed a declaration of intent on Monday on the construction of 650 new apartments for students on the University of Iceland’s main campus and in the university’s vicinity in the next five years.

Icelandic language learning text

Icelandic Course Exported to Faroe Islands

The online language course Icelandic Online received recognition for its contribution and support in maintaining the Icelandic language from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in a ceremony late last year. The program has now also been exported to the Faroe Islands.

Candle Beggar

Find out About Icelandic Christmas Today

Today at 12.00 Dr. Terry Gunnell, professor of Folklore at the University of Iceland, will give an illustrated presentation in English on the beliefs and traditions surrounding Icelandic Christmas, past and present.


Author Awarded on Icelandic Language Day

Icelandic author Steinunn Sigurðardóttir received the Jónas Hallgrímsson Prize for her contributions to the Icelandic language on Sunday. November 16, the birthday of national poet Jónas Hallgrímsson, is the Day of the Icelandic Language.