Map of the Holuhraun lava flow, September 2, 2014.

Map Shows New Lava Field

The Institute of Earth Sciences just released a map of the new lava as it was at 2 pm yesterday. The eastern boundary of the lava had then stood still for a few hours after progressing approximately 2 km (1 mile) the night before.

Holuhraun, September 3, 2014, 6.22 am.

Eruption: 5.5 Earthquake in Bárðarbunga

An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 hit the northern rim of the Bárðabunga caldera this morning shortly after 3 am. This is one of the biggest earthquakes to hit the region since increased seismic activity was first recorded there on August 16.

Holuhraun from a video.

Eruption: What a Show (Video)

The eruption at Holuhraun was a play of lava fountains today. Volacanologist Ármann Höskuldsson took a video of the eruption which can be seen here. He stresses that the volcano can be dangerous and that nobody should move closer to it than a five-minute run to the next car.