New #metoo Group Comes Forward

Icelandic women in the #metoo group “Fjölskyldutengsl” (En. Family Relationships) published a letter last night containing 52 accounts of gender-based violence perpetrated by relatives and others close to them.

Snaefridur Edda

“Girls Can Be Astronauts Too”

When eight-year-old Snæfríður Edda visited H&M in Smáralind shopping centre, she was dismayed to find space-themed t-shirts were only on sale in the boys’ section

SlutWalk Poster Campaign Launched

Posters featuring a diversity of Icelanders, and captioned “ég er drusla,” Icelandic for “I am a slut,” have been hung up in bus shelters around the city, as part of an awareness campaign sponsored by the organizers of Druslugangan, the Reykjavík SlutWalk.