The Flaming Lips performing live at Vodafonehöllin during Iceland Airwaves Music Festival 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland. November 9, 2014

Iceland Airwaves – Wayne in the Sky with Balloons

By Brynjar Vatnsdal
The Flaming Lips close Iceland Airwaves 2014 in a style that can only be described as ecstatic, confetti-crazed and completely over the top. The War on Drugs as a warm-up is not bad either, even without the gimmicks.
Moon King

Iceland Airwaves Off-Venue Program Preview

By Brynjar Vatnsdal
The off-venue program for this year’s Iceland Airwaves is quite simply enormous: 675 shows at 52 venues over a period of one week is more than anybody can even begin to consider. So, much like the main event, planning and controlling expectations is vital.
Secret Solstice

Secret Solstice

By Katharina Hauptmann
A solid first edition with ups and downs.