Fishing ship in Neskaupstaður, East Iceland.

Against Intervening in Fishermen’s Strike

Icelandic Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir neither plans to intervene in the wage dispute of fishermen and fisheries with provisional legislation nor by changing the tax law.

fishermen at work

Fishermen Sign Contract

A deal was struck before midnight, last night, between the Icelandic Fishermen’s Association and Fisheries Iceland.

fishermen at work

Fishermen Negotiate Wages

Fishermen and owners of fishing companies convene at the office of the state mediator this afternoon for wage negotiations.

Fishing Vessel Sailing Again

The crew of the trawler, which was drifting close to the south coast of Iceland this morning, succeeded in restarting the ship’s engine a short while ago.

Negatives found at sea.

Fishermen Find Mystery Movie

Icelandic lobster fishermen got something highly unusual in their trawl last week: reels of films which may include a movie dating back to World War II.

A cargo ship with containers.

Busy Day at Sea

Yesterday was a record-breaking day in the seas around Iceland, with around 850 ships and boats on the Coastguard radar system at midday.

Fishing ship in Neskaupstaður, East Iceland.

Capelin Now Caught off Southeast Iceland

The behavior of capelin is still considered to be strange, even though parts of the fish stock has now migrated to its usual grounds off Southeast Iceland. The fish can also be found in large quantities off North Iceland. It lingered there for a longer time than usual this season.


Capelin Fishing Quota in Iceland to Increase

The Icelandic Marine Research Institute has suggested an increase in the capelin fishing quota by 320,000 tons since the last season, totaling 580,000 tons. Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Sigurður Ingi Jóhannson celebrates the suggestion and will increase the quota accordingly.

TF-LIF Icelandic Coastguard Helicopter

Emergency Coastguard Helicopter Takes Three Hours

A crewmember on board the freezing trawler Örfirisey RE suffered a heart attack on 5th December and it took a coastguard helicopter some three hours to come and get him, because the helicopter had been on a mission for the civil protection agency at the Bárðarbunga volcano site.

fishermen at work

Iceland Not Invited to Mackerel Debate Meeting

Delegates of the Faroe Islands, Norway and the European Union will meet in Bergen, Norway, to discuss the division of the mackerel fishing quota, which has long been debated, next week. The three parties have reached an agreement between themselves. Iceland was not invited to the meeting.