Line at Dirty Burger and Ribs.

Icelanders Love Junk Food

According to annual reports from the four biggest fast food chains in the country, Icelanders spent ISK 10.9 billion (USD 85 million, EUR 77 million) at those last year.

Hot-smoked mackerel on Icelandic flatbread.

The Icelandic Pantry at London’s Borough Market

Fourteen Icelandic artisan food producers will be selling their products at London’s famous Borough Market for the first time, October 7-10. At The Icelandic Pantry, blueberry-cured lamb, the world’s only geothermally-produced sea salt and an eco-whey drink with wild berries, Iceland moss and...

Coffee cups

Cocoa and Coffee Harvest Time in Iceland

“We got cocoa plant seeds three years ago and the largest plant is now 1.5 meters tall. We hope to get cocoa from it soon,” says Guðríður Helgadóttir, administrator at Reykir in Ölfus. The tropical greenhouse now boasts five thriving cocoa plants.

Dunkin' Donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts Opens This Week

Few people in Iceland have missed the fact that American doughnut giant Dunkin’ Donuts is about to open its first branch in the country. The news has been controversial and received extremely mixed reactions.

French chips

Musicians to Open Reykjavík Chip Shop

Musician Friðrik Dór Jónsson plans to open a chip shop, Reykjavík Chips, at Vitastígur 10 in the downtown area, with fellow musician Ólafur Arnalds, actor Arnar Dan Kristjánsson and gourmet Hermann Óli Davíðsson.

Saltkjöt og baunir

Today Is ‘Bursting Day’ in Iceland

Traditional Icelandic saltkjöt og baunir, salted meat and bean stew, is eaten in Iceland today to celebrate Sprengidagur (‘Bursting Day’), which is Iceland’s answer to Shrove Tuesday. The motto is to eat stew until you burst.

Cream puff

Cream Puff Day in Iceland

Today is Bolludagur, or ‘Cream Puff Day,’ in Iceland. Bakers were busy making cream puffs over the weekend, because today Icelanders are expected to consume over one million of the sweet creamy buns.

Shark meat

Husband’s Day Celebrated in Iceland

Today is Bóndadagur, or Husband’s Day, when wives and girlfriends in Iceland pamper their men. Bóndadagur also marks the beginning of the old Icelandic month of Þorri, during which Þorrablót mid-winter feasts are held across the country.


Price of Food in Iceland Increases

Changes to the value added tax (VAT) took effect yesterday, resulting in a higher price of food products, while the price of clothing, beauty products, medicine, alcohol, tobacco, furniture, phones, computers, cars and jewelries, among other products, will drop.

Christmas in Reykjavík.

Smoked Pork and Christmas Presents

Tonight is Christmas Eve. Christmas in Iceland officially begins when the bells of the Reykjavík Cathedral chime at 6 pm. By then families have gathered around the dinner table and afterwards they open presents and Christmas cards.

Stinking Skate and Shopping Fury

Today is the last day before Christmas, known as Þorláksmessa (‘The Mass of St. Þorlákur,’ Iceland’s patron saint). The day is celebrated by eating skata, putrefied (or fermented) skate and buying the last Christmas presents.