Stomach Virus Affects 62 Scouts

One hundred and seventy-six scouts that were staying at the Úlfljótsvatn Scout Center by Úlfljótsvatn in South Iceland are now in a relief center set up at the nearby Hveragerði Primary School due to a stomach virus.

Face to Face with Sheep Placenta

Five students at Reykjavík University are planning to put on the market a facial cream including an active ingredient made from the placenta of Icelandic sheep.

Icelandic men's national football team

Icelandic Men Live Long

According to new figures from Statistics Iceland, the life expectancy in Iceland in 2016 was 80.7 years for men and 83.7 years for women.


Company Punished after Seventh Fire

The Reykjavík Public Health Authority has temporarily halted the operations of the recycling company Hringrás in Reykjavík, after a fire erupted there on Tuesday night.

Unfit Fish Balls Recalled

One of Iceland’s biggest domestic food producers, Ora, has announced it is recalling a batch of its tinned fish balls in curry sauce, as they are not fit for consumption.

Bæjarins beztu hot dog

Teens 4 kg Heavier than a Decade Ago

Reykjavík teenagers sleep an average of just six hours a night during weekdays, which is far too little sleep. Year 10 students are significantly heavier than the same age group were just 12 years ago.

Crumb Rubber Causes Concern

Recent discussion about the dangers of crumb rubber artificial turf found on the country’s football fields has caused some municipalities to take action.


Reykjavík Tattoo Parlors with a Permit

As a follow-up to a story published on the black tattoo market in Iceland, we asked the Reykjavík Public Health Authority to provide us with a list of tattoo parlors which have a license from the Authority to operate.


Black Tattoo Market Poses Health Risks

There are worries that certain people provide tattoos in Iceland without the necessary permits from health authorities, making their services a potential health threat to customers.