Strike “Endangering Patients”

The health service cannot stand the ongoing strike by the Association of Academics much longer without compromising patent safety, according to a report by the Directorate of Health.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Hundreds Strike in Iceland, Surgeries Postponed

More than 500 members of the Association of Academics in Iceland (BHM), many of whom work in hospitals, went on strike today. Most surgeries which had been scheduled at Landspítali National University Hospital in Reykjavík have been postponed as a consequence and surgeries at Akureyri Hospital...


Reykjavík Emergency Department Extra Busy

The emergency department at Landspítali National University Hospital in Reykjavík has experienced a spike in traffic in recent days due to a peak in flu cases as well as accidents due to icy conditions.


Doctors in Iceland Accept New Wage Contract

The vast majority of the members of the Icelandic Medical Association, 90 percent, voted in favor of the new wage contract with the state in an online vote which concluded at midnight on Friday. The contract has been published on the association’s website.

SO2 pollution haze in Reykjavík on November 4, 2011.

Volcanic Gases Cause Health Problems

Both scientists working at the Holuhraun eruption site and those guarding the closed-off area have suffered serious health problems because of toxic gases emitted by the eruption. Since the eruption started in late August, doctors have noticed increased respiratory problems.


Iceland’s Healthcare System to Be Restored

Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, acting Minister of Finance Illugi Gunnarsson, Minister of Health Kristján Þór Júlíusson, chair of the Icelandic Medical Association Þorbjörn Jónsson and chair of the Association of Icelandic Surgeons Kristín Huld Haraldsdóttir signed a...


Surgeons in Iceland Sign New Wage Contract

Representatives of the Association of Surgeons in Iceland and the Icelandic state signed a wage agreement at around 00:30 am last night after 14 hours of consecutive talks. Further strikes planned by surgeons, who have been striking on and off since November 4, have been called off.


Doctors Resume Strike, Negotiations Paused

Doctors in Iceland have launched a new series of strikes, starting at midnight. They will not resume work until after four days. The latest meeting between the delegations of the Icelandic Medical Association and the Icelandic state ended at 3 am last night.


Cardiac Surgeon Iceland’s Person of the Year

Cardiac surgeon Tómas Guðbjartsson, a professor and senior physician at Landspítali National University Hospital, was voted Person of the Year by listeners of Rás 2 radio station on Wednesday. Tómas and his team recently saved a man who had been stabbed in the heart.


Doctors’ Wage Dispute Still Unresolved

A meeting between the delegations of doctors and the Icelandic state ended at 7:30 pm yesterday without a solution to the ongoing wage dispute. A new meeting was scheduled this morning. If the dispute remains unresolved, doctors will strike again in one week.

Landspítali National University Hospital

National Hospital to Get More State Funding

ISK 1 billion (USD 8.1 million, EUR 6.5 million) in state funding will go towards Landspítali National University Hospital in addition to the amount reserved for the hospital in the 2015 budget bill, as reported yesterday. Director of Landspítali Páll Matthíasson celebrates the news.


Surgeons and Physiatrists in Iceland on Strike

A 48-hour strike among surgeons and psychiatrists at Landspítali National University Hospital began at midnight. At the same time doctors at other hospital wards concluded their 48-hour strike. No progress has been made in negotiations between doctors and the state.


Talks between Doctors and State Going Nowhere

After 42 meetings in the five months since the wage dispute between doctors in the Icelandic Medical Association and Surgeon’s Association and representatives of the Icelandic health authorities was referred to the State Negotiator, talks are going nowhere.

Police bike

Doctors in Iceland on Strike Again

Doctors working at healthcare centers in Reykjavík and surrounding communities, at healthcare institutions outside the capital area and at Landspítali National University Hospital’s research, women’s and children’s wards started striking at midnight and will not resume work until midnight...

Keflavík International Airport

First Ebola Scare in Iceland

The Icelandic Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management received a notice at 13:13 pm today that an airplane had landed at Keflavík International Airport because a person onboard was possibly infected with Ebola. It was later confirmed that this was not the case.

Landspítali National University Hospital

ER Busy as Iceland’s Doctors Strike Again

Patients at the emergency room of Landspítali National University Hospital had to wait to be treated longer than usual last night because some of the doctors working there were on strike. Doctors working at the hospital’s intensive care unit, operating room, anesthetic and gerontology wards...

Lack of Staff at Iceland’s National Hospital

Tómas Guðbjartsson, professor and chief physician at Landspítali National University Hospital, contradicts Minister of Health Kristján Þór Júlíusson, who recently stated in an interview on RÚV’s news magazine Kastljós that there have been no layoffs at the hospital since 2009...

Landspítali National University Hospital

Doctors in Iceland Go on Strike

Doctors in the Icelandic Medical Association, including general practitioners, began a strike at midnight last night. At the healthcare center in the suburb of Efra-Breiðholt, where there are usually eight doctors, there will only be one doctor working today and tomorrow and they will only tend...