Horses in Borgarfjörður

Origin of Smooth Icelandic Gait Discovered

A new study reveals that the genetic mutation for an ambling gait, found the Icelandic horse, first appeared in horses in Medieval England and was subsequently spread around by Viking traders.

ICE-SAR horse rescue in Kjalarnes.

ICE-SAR Saves Horse

Last night, the ICE-SAR teams of Kjalarnes and Mosfellsbær were called out to save a horse in trouble.

Horses on the way to Lake Mývatn

Death of Horses Not Caused by Negligence

The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) has completed its investigation into the drowning of 12 horses in Bessastaðatjörn pond outside Reykjavík late last year. Their death is not believed to have been the cause of negligence.