Hospital Phone Call “Irrelevant”

A phone call from Landspítali, which became the reason for a Vietnamese couple to file charges against the hospital for breach of privacy, was not the reason the Directorate of Immigration began investigating whether the couple’s marriage was arranged, according to the Directorate’s lawyer.


Strike: Longer Waitlists at Landspítali

Last week, due to the strike of SFR Union of Public Workers and the Union of Nurses’ Aides, the number of surgeries at Landspítali University Hospital was down by 60 and hospital visits were down by 300-400.

Strike: Stuck in Customs

Baby formula, syringes and needles for Landspítali University Hospital are stuck in customs because of the strike of SFR Union of Public Workers.


How the Strike Affects You

A strike of close to 5,000 members of SFR Union of Public Workers and the Icelandic Union of Nurses’ Aides began at midnight.

Strike “Endangering Patients”

The health service cannot stand the ongoing strike by the Association of Academics much longer without compromising patent safety, according to a report by the Directorate of Health.