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One Sister Claims Innocence in Extortion Case

In an interview with the media yesterday, Malín Brand asserted her innocence of the attempted extortion of Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. She claimed that her involvement in the case was limited to being present in the car with her sister, Hlín Einarsdóttir, when the...

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Icelandic Journalist Wins Freedom of Expression Case

The European Court of Human Rights ruled today in favor of Icelandic journalist Erla Hlynsdóttir in her case against the Icelandic state, finding the Icelandic state guilty of violating Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which concerns freedom of expression. According to the...

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Women Call for End to Sexual Violence

Dozens of women have been sharing their experiences with sexual violence on the Facebook group Beauty tips! in recent days, using the hashtags #þöggun ('suppression') and #konurtala ('women speak'). The group, which is closed as well as secret, meaning that an invite from a group member as well...

Reykjavík Pride 2014.

Sex Education and Gay Rights Row in Iceland on BBC

Hafnarfjörður recently become the first municipality in Iceland to include instruction about homosexuality in sex education. Musician Gylfi Ægisson caused outrage when commenting on Facebook that people should “protect the children” from “the indoctrination … by small but loud pressure groups.”...

Inside the offices of Radio Iceland.

English-Language Radio Iceland on the Air

A new Icelandic English-language radio station, Radio Iceland, went live last week, broadcasting news about Iceland, weather updates, information on road conditions and Icelandic music, along with interviews with noteworthy people and stories about Iceland.


Top 10 Columns of 2014

As in past years, the topics covered by Iceland Review Online’s columnists in 2014 were diverse and while four of the top ten news stories of 2014 were about volcanic eruptions, only two of last year’s Top 10 columns were eruption-related.


Icelanders’ Trust in Media Down

Trust in all Icelandic media outlets, with the exception of DV, has decreased, according to a new poll conducted by MMR. Fourteen and a half percent of respondents said they trusted DV “a lot” compared to 10 percent a year ago.


Press Freedom in Iceland in Decline

Freedom of the press has been in decline in Iceland during the past two years. That’s the conclusion of Reporters Without Borders, which published a statement about the issue on its homepage yesterday.