University of Iceland

Four Hundred Applicants for Eighty-Five Spots

284 students took the admissions test for the medical program, which only admits 50 students total, or just under a sixth of the applicants. There were then 64 applicants to the physiotherapy program, which will only admit 35 new students.


Landspítali Doctor Answers Criticism

Responding to criticism voiced by the sisters of a man who seriously injured his brother-in-law on New Year’s Eve, a senior physician at Landspítali National University Hospital told RÚV that no patient seeking help is turned away from the addiction and psychiatric ward.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Iceland Hospital Jobs Popular in Britain and Spain

12 of 15 applicants for vacant radiologist posts at Reykjavík’s Landspítali hospital are from Spain or the UK. The X-ray department chief at the hospital says it is highly likely that at least some of them will start working at the hospital in the coming weeks.

BDSM to Stop Being an Illness

Iceland’s Directorate of Health has no objection to the country following the lead of all the other Nordic countries and removing BDSM behavior from its list of mental illnesses.

Police bike

Man Arrested for Allegedly Passing on HIV

A man is suspected of having infected young women with HIV. The capital area police are investigating the case against the man, who is not Icelandic, in partnership with the office of the Directorate of Health.