Iceland at the Bottom

Nowhere among OECD member countries is as little spent on investment in infrastructure of the healthcare system as in Iceland and Mexico.


Privately Run Hospital Planned in Mosfellsbær

The municipal council of Mosfellsbær agreed this morning to grant the mayor permission to sign a contract with MCPB Ltd. which plans to construct a 30,000m 2 (323,000 ft 2) privately run hospital and hotel in the town.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Heated Debate about Hospital Location

Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson’s words Friday regarding a new construction site for Landspítali University Hospital in Garðabær have caused a strong reaction.


Strike: Longer Waitlists at Landspítali

Last week, due to the strike of SFR Union of Public Workers and the Union of Nurses’ Aides, the number of surgeries at Landspítali University Hospital was down by 60 and hospital visits were down by 300-400.

Strike: Stuck in Customs

Baby formula, syringes and needles for Landspítali University Hospital are stuck in customs because of the strike of SFR Union of Public Workers.