Removed from Church with Force

Two asylum seekers were forcefully removed by police from Laugarneskirkja church early this morning, after the minister had offered them sanctuary.

Keflavik International Airport

More Border Security Recommended

The increasing numbers of tourists, asylum seekers and refugees calls for action from the Icelandic authorities and police, according to a new report from the national commissioner of police, commissioned by the Ministry for the Interior about Iceland’s membership of the Schengen agreement.

Albanian Families Return Today

The Albanian families, who were deported on December 10 after their applications for asylum were rejected, will return to Iceland this afternoon. Their applications for citizenship were approved in late December.

Albanian Families Granted Icelandic Citizenship

The Albanian families, who were deported from Iceland on December 10, after their requests for asylum were not granted, resulting in harsh criticism of the authorities on social media, have been granted Icelandic citizenship.

Storm arriving, aerial view

Accent at Met Office Creates Storm

The Icelandic Met Office has received criticism lately, because a German meteorologist, Martin Hensch, has been reading the weather report on RÚV’s Rás1, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.

Refugees on Lesbos, Greece

Icelandic Red Cross Sends Delegate to Greece

The Icelandic Red Cross has sent a delegate, Páll Biering, associate professor of psychiatric nursing, to Greece. This is the first time this century that Iceland sends a delegate to a country within Europe.

Týr Icelandic Coast Guard ship arrives in Sicily with refugees

Asylum Seeker Shelter to be Set Up?

Negotiations are underway between the Directorate of Immigration and the Town of Kópavogur, located in the capital area, to set up an emergency shelter for asylum seekers.