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Geysir Area Landowners “Could Block Access”

By Zoë Robert
The landowners in the Geysir area are considering blocking access to Geysir geothermal area, according to Garðar Eiríksson, spokesperson for the Landowners Association of Geysir.
Road 65 in Kervík, the West Fjords

West Fjords Snow Cleanup Takes Many Days

By Zoë Robert
The road between the northern and southern West Fjords is being cleared after having been closed since December due to heavy snowfall.
Rubbish bin

Seventy Million Plastic Bags Thrown out Each Year

By Zoë Robert
Seventy million plastic bags end up in the trash in Iceland every year, according to a report from the Ministry for the Environment.

Court Bans Geysir Entrance Fee

By Zoë Robert
The Icelandic State has obtained an injunction against landowners in the Geysir area, prohibiting them from charging an entrance fee to Geysir, according to a decision by the South Iceland District Court earlier this morning.

Web Cam Set up at Grímsvötn Volcano

By Zoë Robert
A web camera has been set up at Grímsfjall looking west over Grímsvötn volcano, one of the most volcanically active spots in Iceland.
Snowstorm Hellisheidi

Icy Roads in Parts of Iceland

By Zoë Robert
Hellisheiði mountain pass on the way from Reykjavík to South Iceland is icy due to snowfall last night. Other mountain roads in the southwest as well as roads in the southeast of the country are also icy.
Dettifoss waterfall

Government Questions Lawfulness of Fee Collection

By Ásta Andrésdóttir
The government is now investigating the lawfulness of the scheduled fee collection at the landmarks Dettifoss, Námaskarð and elsewhere on the property of Reykjahlíð.
northern lights

Timelapse Video of Solar Maximum

By Zoë Robert
Evosia Studios’ Henry Jun Wah Lee produced this timelapse video titled Eye of the Storm after a two-week trip to Iceland during the solar maximum—a once-every-eleven-year period of great solar activity resulting in incredible northern lights.