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Askja Remains Closed as Scientists Research Rockfall

By Zoë Robert
Specialists from the Icelandic Met Office and earth scientists from the University of Iceland were at Askja today to research the rockfall which occurred in the area on Monday night.

Askja Closed due to Huge Landslide

By Zoë Robert
A roughly one-kilometer wide piece of land fell from a mountain near Askja stratovolcano on Monday night. Several 50-meter tidal waves crashed on the rocks around the lake in Askja during the night.
Tourist visiting Þingvellir National Park

Complaints over Tourists doing Business in Nature

By Emilía S. Ólafs...
“I was with a group of tourists today at the Laufskólavarða cairn when I saw lot of tissue on the ground. I was going to pick it up, as one does to keep one’s environment clean, but I was quick to leave it when I realized that this was poop lying all over the place,” guide Kristín Ólöf...

Blue Salmon Caught in Reykjavík

By Emilía S. Ólafs...
A blue salmon was caught yesterday in the river Elliðaá, in the Reykjavík area, by amateur fisherman Rögnvaldur Geir Sigurðsson. The fish had garnered attention for its unusual color earlier this summer when it was spotted in the river by fishermen and passersby.

Unusually Vibrant Birdlife in Reykjavík

By Emilía S. Ólafs...
Birdlife in and around Reykjavík has been unusually vibrant recently. The reason for this is the shoals of sand eels currently in Skerjafjörður. Sand eels are a prime choice for most seabirds.

Icelanders Traveling abroad in Search of Sun

By Zoë Robert
Sales of trips abroad have increased sharply in recent days as Icelanders go in search of some sunshine. Sunlight in the capital is at a 19-year low and not since records began in 1920 has there been more rainfall in Reykjavík during the month of June.

New Plants Found on Surtsey

By Zoë Robert
Two new species of plants, creeping buttercup and Hornemann’s willowherb, were found on the volcanic island of Surtsey during the annual scientific expedition to the island this week.
Krafla caldera

Hot Spring Admission Fees Banned

By Emilía S. Ólafs...
The magistrate in Húsavík has placed an injunction on the collection of admission fees at the hot springs by Námaskarð and the Leirhnúkur-Krafla caldera, by the Association of Landowners at Reykjahlíð.

Sunshine in North and East Iceland, Not Reykjavík

By Eygló Svala Arn...
The sun will be shining in North and East Iceland, while Iceland’s capital region will not see proper sunshine, apart from a few hours here and there, until July 25, according to the long-term forecast on the website of the Norwegian Meteorological Institution, .