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Cruise ship in Reykjavík

Cruise Ships Using Rescue Boats for Sightseeing

The Icelandic Coast Guard is among those who are examining the legal status of crew members of cruise ships using the vessels’ rescue boats to take passengers on sightseeing trips, including to nature reserves.

Askja rockfall

Askja Lake to Remain No-Go Zone

Earth scientist Ármann Höskuldsson advises people against walking down to Öskjuvatn, the lake in the crater of Askja volcano, where a massive rockfall caused high tidal waves early last week. He wants the lake, a popular travel destination in the northeastern highlands, to remain off limits...


Good Berry Harvest Outlook in North and East

It appears as if the wild berry season will be good in North and East Iceland this year. The regions have enjoyed high temperatures and a lot of sunshine this summer. The outlook is not as promising in South and West Iceland because of extensive rain in those parts.

Cruise ship

Concerns Raised over Cruise Ship Pollution

One cruise ship docked in Reykjavík for 24 hours discharges the same amount of nitrogen into the atmosphere as 10,000 cars, according to a recent article published by the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH).


Walking Paths in Askja Remain Closed

There is still a risk of further rockfalls causing tidal waves in Öskjuvatn, the lake in the stratovolcano Askja, and so walking paths around the lake remain closed. Askja is a popular tourist destination in the northeastern highlands.


Askja Closed due to Huge Landslide

A roughly one-kilometer wide piece of land fell from a mountain near Askja stratovolcano on Monday night. Several 50-meter tidal waves crashed on the rocks around the lake in Askja during the night.

Tourist visiting Þingvellir National Park

Complaints over Tourists doing Business in Nature

“I was with a group of tourists today at the Laufskólavarða cairn when I saw lot of tissue on the ground. I was going to pick it up, as one does to keep one’s environment clean, but I was quick to leave it when I realized that this was poop lying all over the place,” guide Kristín Ólöf...


Blue Salmon Caught in Reykjavík

A blue salmon was caught yesterday in the river Elliðaá, in the Reykjavík area, by amateur fisherman Rögnvaldur Geir Sigurðsson. The fish had garnered attention for its unusual color earlier this summer when it was spotted in the river by fishermen and passersby.


Icelanders Traveling abroad in Search of Sun

Sales of trips abroad have increased sharply in recent days as Icelanders go in search of some sunshine. Sunlight in the capital is at a 19-year low and not since records began in 1920 has there been more rainfall in Reykjavík during the month of June.


New Plants Found on Surtsey

Two new species of plants, creeping buttercup and Hornemann’s willowherb, were found on the volcanic island of Surtsey during the annual scientific expedition to the island this week.