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Sewage Treatments Concerns at Mývatn Hotels

It could prove necessary to close hotels around Mývatn if no progress is made soon with regard to sewage treatment, according to the chairman of the regional health and safety committee. He is calling upon the national government to invest in infrastructure to protect Lake Mývatn and Laxá river...

From Breiðafjörður, fjord, West Iceland.

Uncountable Islands Counted

West Iceland’s beautiful Breiðafjörður bay is filled with “countless islands and skerries”, or so the brochures have always said. But that is no longer true, as one man claims to know precisely how many there are.


Poor Weather Causing Traffic Accidents

Five people were injured yesterday when a minibus carrying 11 passengers went off the road into a ditch on Mýrdalssandur in South Iceland. ICE-SAR rescuers confirmed, however, that the people were not seriously injured.

Keflavik International Airport

More Border Security Recommended

The increasing numbers of tourists, asylum seekers and refugees calls for action from the Icelandic authorities and police, according to a new report from the national commissioner of police, commissioned by the Ministry for the Interior about Iceland’s membership of the Schengen agreement.

Police car

Car Sticker Leads to Terrorism Suspicion

A Belgian couple who have visited Iceland 15 times and drive a car with an Icelandic national sticker on the back, from the Norröna ferry, were stopped by armed police in Switzerland recently. The reason was the sticker, as the police thought the ‘IS’ might refer to Islamic State.

Arctic fox

Fox that Rocks

Yesterday’s feature in DP (Digital Photography) Review​ was a photo by Phil Garcia of an Arctic fox in Iceland.