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Woman Waits Over a Month for Restraining Order

“The thing is, we messed up. She shouldn’t have had to wait so long,” says Eyþór Þorbergsson, representative of the chief of police in Akureyri after a woman had to wait nearly six weeks for her request for a restraining order to be processed.

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Controversy in Reporting of Sexual Assaults

Three women sought help at Landspítali National University Hospital in Reykjavík after allegedly being sexually assaulted during Merchants’ Holiday (Frídagur verslunarmanna) festivities in the Westman Islands last weekend.

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HIV Infection Case to be Appealed

He’s a guy who is always happy and comes across well with everyone. I don’t believe he knew he had the disease,” says a friend and former housemate of the Nigerian asylum seeker who was remanded in custody yesterday under suspicion of having infected young women with HIV.

Woman Lives at Iceland Airport for a Week

The police in Suðurnes, Southwest Iceland, were called to Keflavík International Airport last weekend to question a woman who had been living there for seven days. Airport workers started suspecting that the woman wasn’t just passing through because she entered the same store every day.

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Extortion Sisters Arrested Again

Capital region police arrested the sisters Malín Brand and Hlín Einarsdóttir again yesterday and questioned them in connection to a second charge of extortion leveled against them.

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Police Evacuate Building due to Suspected Shooter

Reykjavík Metropolitan Police closed off a large area surrounding the apartment complexes on Hlíðarhjalli 51-55 in Kópavogur yesterday and forced the evacuation of the building's 150 inhabitants. Police suspected that a man was shooting from a shotgun from his apartment on Hlíðarhjalli 53....

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One Sister Claims Innocence in Extortion Case

In an interview with the media yesterday, Malín Brand asserted her innocence of the attempted extortion of Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. She claimed that her involvement in the case was limited to being present in the car with her sister, Hlín Einarsdóttir, when the...

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Icelandic Doctors Comment on Trachea Implants

Chief Medical Officer of Iceland Birgir Jakobsson, who was director of Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm from 2007 to 2014, has commented on a trachea implant which was carried out at the hospital by Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini in June 2011 and is now being investigated along...