Iceland’s Pirate Party Suggests Electoral Alliance

Pirate Party leader Birgitta Jónsdóttir has suggested that all opposition parties in the Icelandic parliament, Alþingi, forge an electoral alliance before the next parliamentary election in 2017 with the objective of completing a new constitution and guaranteeing a national referendum on...

Social Democrats Chair Keeps Position

Chair of the Social Democratic Party Árni Páll Árnason was reelected at the party’s conference on Friday night by one vote after an unexpected leadership challenge from MP in Reykjavík Sigríður Ingibjörg Ingadóttir. Árni Páll received 49.49 percent of the vote, or 241 votes, while Sigríður...

New Leader for Social Democrats?

An unexpected leadership election will take place at the Social Democratic Alliance’s national conference this evening. The sitting party leader says he had no idea he would have opposition before yesterday evening.


No More Maternity Wards Expected

Iceland’s health minister says there are no plans to increase the number of birthing facilities in the country again, after the number was reduced from 14 to ten over the last decade.


Up to 400 Protest Outside Parliament

Between 300 and 400 people gathered in Austurvöllur square, outside Alþingi, Iceland’s parliament, in Reykjavík yesterday evening to protest the government’s handling of the country’s application for entry to the European Union.

Thousands Protest Government’s EU Application Withdrawal

More than eight thousand people protested against the government's decision to write a letter to the European Union withdrawing Iceland as an applicant country for membership to the EU. The coalition government of the Independence Party and the Progressive Party decided to bypass Alþingi,...