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A boat runs aground at Álftanes on October 14, 2015.

Boat Runs Aground off Reykjavík

Search and rescue organizations from the capital region were called out this morning when a boat ran aground at Eyri by Álftanes, a neighboring community of Reykjavík. It soon turned out that the two men onboard weren’t in any danger.

Hiker Rescued in Hornstrandir

All search and rescue volunteers in the northwestern part of the West Fjords were called out yesterday due to an emergency call from tourists in Jökulfjörður in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

Storm Sweeps across West and North Iceland

Search and rescue squad Dagrenning in Hólmavík, the eastern West Fjords, was called out last night because of a storm which raged in the area. A roof was coming loose from a house in the town and a boat in the harbor was about to be blown out to sea.


Travelers Lost in Icelandic Highlands

Search and rescue teams in North Iceland have been called out to search for two men who are lost west of Askja volcano in the northeastern highlands. They started hiking from Strengjabrekka last weekend and were planning to walk to Svartárvatn lake.

Looking at Kaldaklofsjökull glacier

More Search and Rescue Workers in Highlands this Summer

The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, ICE-SAR, will increase the number of volunteers in the highlands this summer due to the expected increase in tourists visiting the area north of Vatnajökull where Holuhraun lava field is located.

Týr Icelandic Coast Guard ship arrives in Sicily with refugees

MP Wants Icelandic Coast Guard to Stay in Med

MP for the Left Greens Svandís Svavarsdóttir announced on Facebook yesterday that her party will put forward a motion in parliament that the Icelandic government allocates additional funds to the Icelandic Coast Guard so that its ship Týr can continue its work in the Mediterranean.

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Twelve-Car Pileup in Bad Weather

Search and rescue services were called out to Holtavörðuheiði pass, on the Ring Road between North and South Iceland, yesterday when a 12-car pileup occurred in bad weather.

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Hikers Rescued from Iceland Highland Route

Four British hikers contacted the emergency services early this morning. They had intended to cross the highlands by taking the Kjölur road, which is open for cars in the summer, but after four days in snowy conditions they had become cold and exhausted and were unable to continue.

Map of Vatnajökull

Skiers on Glacier Call Search and Rescue

Two foreign tourists who intended to ski across Vatnajökull glacier called the 112 emergency hotline this morning, requesting assistance getting down from the glacier. Search and rescue picked up their traveling companion on Tuesday after he had fallen ill.

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Tourists Saved from Highlands in Crazy Weather

Search and rescue associations were called out yesterday evening to track down two groups of travelers in dismal weather conditions; two men who were located north of Mýrdalsjökull in the southern highlands and three others who were traveling the northern highlands. All men were found before...


Search and Rescue Find Lost Tourist

Members of search and rescue Víkverji in Vík in South Iceland were called out on Monday evening after a foreign tourist didn’t board a bus he had booked a fare with. The man had intended to hike across Reynisfjall mountain and walk Reynisfjara beach earlier in the day.