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Map of Vatnajökull

Skiers on Glacier Call Search and Rescue

Two foreign tourists who intended to ski across Vatnajökull glacier called the 112 emergency hotline this morning, requesting assistance getting down from the glacier. Search and rescue picked up their traveling companion on Tuesday after he had fallen ill.

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Tourists Saved from Highlands in Crazy Weather

Search and rescue associations were called out yesterday evening to track down two groups of travelers in dismal weather conditions; two men who were located north of Mýrdalsjökull in the southern highlands and three others who were traveling the northern highlands. All men were found before...


Search and Rescue Find Lost Tourist

Members of search and rescue Víkverji in Vík in South Iceland were called out on Monday evening after a foreign tourist didn’t board a bus he had booked a fare with. The man had intended to hike across Reynisfjall mountain and walk Reynisfjara beach earlier in the day.

Eyjafjörður river valley

Travelers with Children Stuck in Highlands

An extensive search and rescue operation has been ongoing in North Iceland since last night. Members of ICE-SAR were called out to assist seven people, thereof two children, who were traveling on three jeeps northeast of Laugafell in the highlands above Eyjafjörður.

Reykjavík marina

Woman Saved from Ocean in Critical Condition

A woman was saved from the ocean yesterday morning after her car ran off the pier at Miðbakki harbor in Reykjavík. She was taken to the Landspítali National University Hospital emergency room and the doctor on duty described her condition as critical.

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Search and Rescue Volunteers Caught in Avalanche

Search and rescue volunteers faced a life-threatening situation when two avalanches fell in the slopes of mountain Esja outside Reykjavík during a rescue operation on Sunday evening. Two of the volunteers were tossed 80 meters (262 feet) with the second avalanche, one of them injuring his leg....

A screenshot of a map showing ICE-SAR's operations in 2014.

Search and Rescue Called Out 12,194 Times

A total of 92 member associations of ICE-SAR (the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue) with 2,468 volunteers participated in 1,500 operations in 2014, including the highland watch, responding to 12,194 callouts, as stated in a press release from ICE-SAR.

Photo: Snowstorm on South Iceland Road

The above picture was taken by Iceland Review Online – Deutsch contributor Dagmar Trodler on the Hellisheiði mountain pass connecting Reykjavík and Hveragerði in South Iceland shortly before the road was closed last night.

A member of ICE-SAR fastening roof slates in a storm.

Major Storm Warning for Iceland on Sunday

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a warning as a major storm is expected to hit Iceland on Sunday afternoon and last until late on Monday. The wind speed might reach 20-30 m/s on Sunday, or 110 km/h (65 m/h). On Monday, squalls near mountains might reach 50 m/s, or 180 km/h (112 m/h).

Missing Tourist Found Dead

The man reported missing on Sunday afternoon was found dead on Miðnesheiði outside the security fence of Keflavík International Airport at noon yesterday. The initial news indicated that he might have been alive. Search and rescue volunteers had searched for him the entire night.

Keflavík International Airport

Missing Tourist Found near Keflavík Airport

The foreign citizen reported missing yesterday was found outside the fence of Keflavík International Airport at noon today. Paramedics were called out to estimate the man’s condition. Overall, 111 search and rescue members took part in the search.

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Tourist Missing in Southwest Iceland

Between 70 and 80 search and rescue volunteers are searching for a man who was reported missing yesterday afternoon. The man, who is a foreign citizen on a visit to his relatives in the country, is believed to be lost on Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland.

TF-LIF Icelandic Coastguard Helicopter

Car Runs into River, Search Unsuccessful

Up to 100 people, search and rescue volunteers, police officers and firefighters, took part in a search for a vehicle a witness observed running into the Ölfusá river in Selfoss, South Iceland, between 10 and 11 last night. They searched through the night but with no luck.

Transport vessel Akrafell runs aground in East Iceland.

Another Ship Runs Aground, Akrafell’s Future Uncertain

Cargo ship Green Freezer ran aground on a skerry by Fáskrúðsfjörður, the East Fjords, yesterday evening. An attempt will be made to tow it loose at high tide tonight. Another transport vessel, Akrafell, ran aground at a similar location recently, the future of which is...

Transport vessel Akrafell runs aground in East Iceland.

Transport Vessel Runs Aground in East Iceland

Transport vessel Akrafell ran aground on a skerry by Vattarnes between Reyðarfjörður and Fáskrúðsfjörður shortly after 4 am this morning. The ship, which is 137-m (450-feet) long, started leaking and all search and rescue units in the East Fjords were called out.