Icelandic Naming Committee Rejects Clinton

The Icelandic Naming Committee rejected the name Clinton at its recent meeting. The committee made several rulings on July 30, most of which were positive, but Clinton was rejected as a middle name on the basis that it is not considered derived from local roots.
Swedish Whitebeam tree on Grettisgata, Reykjavík.

Reykjavík Citizens Save 106-Year-Old Tree

A 106-year-old Swedish Whitebeam tree that stands at Grettisgata 17, downtown Reykjavík, will be spared by zoning officials after the people of Grettisgata and surrounding streets organized demonstrations, including petitions and an outdoor concert, to protest its imminent removal.

Justin Timberlake Iceland Concert Bait in Phishing

On a website called , in the name of Icelandic patrol station chain N1, people were asked to type in their personal identification numbers ( kennitala ) and register into their Facebook accounts “for security reasons” yesterday for the chance to win two tickets for the sold-out Justin...