Police car

Teens Wreck Cars in Reykjavík Suburb

Four young men aged 16-22 were arrested in Breiðholt, a suburb of Reykjavík, on Friday on suspicion of having damaged more than 20 cars. The suspects had to remain in custody while being questioned; Reykjavík Metropolitan Police are investigating the case.


Strike Leads to Shortage of Meat in Iceland

Hundreds of tons of imported meat are being stored at the docks in Sundahöfn in Reykjavík but cannot be moved on to meat processing plants because veterinarians are on strike. Slaughtering of most Icelandic animals has also come to a halt. If the strike continues, there will be no more ground...

gavel as used in courts

Icelander Imprisoned for Drugs Offence in Sweden

An Icelandic man, Sigurjón Árni Jensson, has been sentenced to four years in prison in Sweden for having tried to smuggle four kilograms of amphetamine from Sweden to Iceland. Another Icelander, Gunnar Þór Grétarsson, was sought by Interpol in the same case, but was later removed from the wanted...

2015 Nepal earthquake

Funds Raised for Nepal Quake Victims

The Association of Nepalese in Iceland is among the associations and companies in Iceland raising funds for emergency aid following the massive earthquake in Nepal on Saturday.

Salaries in Iceland below European Average

In 2012, the hourly labor cost in the European Union was EUR 24.1 (ISK 3,550, USD 26.2) on average, while in Iceland it was EUR 23.2. In 2012, the highest labor cost for all economic activities in Europe was in Norway, EUR 57.1 per paid hour. The labor cost was the lowest in Bulgaria, EUR 3.4....

Gay Pride Reykjavík

Gay Rights Association Sues over Hate Speech

Icelandic LGBT rights association Samtökin ’78 filed charges this morning against ten individuals because of hate speech against LGBT people in connection with the discussion which arose after Hafnarfjörður became the first municipality in Iceland to include instruction about homosexuality in...

An ambulance in Lebanon.

Iceland Allocates ISK 10 Million to Nepal

Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson decided yesterday to allocate ISK 10 million (USD 74,000, EUR 68,000) to the Red Cross and Red Crescent for humanitarian aid in Nepal because of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit the country on Saturday morning.

Reykjavík Pride 2014.

Sex Education and Gay Rights Row in Iceland on BBC

Hafnarfjörður recently become the first municipality in Iceland to include instruction about homosexuality in sex education. Musician Gylfi Ægisson caused outrage when commenting on Facebook that people should “protect the children” from “the indoctrination … by small but loud pressure groups.”...

Icelandic Settlement hens

Strike Affects Animal Welfare in Iceland

The ongoing strike among the members of the Association of Academics (BHM), including veterinarians, is affecting the operations of slaughterhouses; chicken and pigs cannot be slaughtered and meanwhile conditions at poultry and pork farms are becoming crammed.

Icelandic Coast Guard's bomb disposal unit in training

Icelandic Bomb Disposal Unit Trains with Danes

The Icelandic Coast Guard’s bomb disposal unit carried out training exercises with the Danish crew of the ship HMS Triton last week when the ship was docked in Iceland. The Icelandic Coast Guard cooperates closely with the Royal Danish Navy and such exercises are carried out on a regular basis...

BHM strike

More Strikes Next Week

Around 10,000 members of the Federation of General and Special Workers in Iceland (SGS) will go on strike next week after the action was approved by vote. A total of 94.6 percent of the members who voted in favor of the action. The vote ended at midnight last night.


Dog Refused Entry to Iceland due to Strike

Arriving at Keflavík International Airport from Norway, four-year-old Chichuahua Tutzy was refused entry to Iceland due to the ongoing strike among veterinarians, who usually inspect animals arriving in the country along with the necessary permits.

fishermen at work

Strike Support Surges after Board’s Wage Increase

The vote among members of the Federation of General and Special Workers in Iceland (SGS) on whether or not to participate in strikes, which ends at midnight tonight, surged after news that board members of HB Grandi seafood company received a 33 percent wage increase.


Boy Discharged from Hospital

The younger brother of the two who got stuck in the drain below the manmade waterfall of the dam Reykdalsstífla in Hafnarfjörður on Tuesday last week has been discharged from hospital.

BHM strike

Strikes Continue, Wide-Reaching Effects Expected

Strikes among members of the Association of Academics (BHM) recommenced at midnight last night. Around 100 members have gone on strike until further notice, including veterinarians, natural scientists and nutritionists at the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST).